Broken Nose | Nose Injuries | Nasal Fracture

Rhinoplasty, commonly known as a nose job, is a Plastic surgery Surgery for correcting and reconstructing the Nose Injuries OR nose broken surgery in Hyderabad.


A broken nose, also called a nasal fracture, is a fracture or tear in a bone in the nose, often the bone that covers the bridge of the nose.

Common causes of a broken nose include contact sports, physical fights, falls, and car accidents that result in facial trauma. A broken nose can cause Painless, as well as swelling and bruising around the nose and under the eyes. Your nose may look crooked and you may have trouble breathing.

Treatment for a broken Broken Nose can include Surgerys that realign your nose. A broken nose usually does not require surgery.


Broken Nose | Nose Injuries | Nasal Fracture Hyderabad

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Nose surgery in Hyderabad

Broken nose Cost | Nose Injuries Cost

The average cost of Rhinoplasty Broken Nose or injuries Surgery in Hyderabad, 15,000/- to 85,000/- (Pay in Monthly or Credit Card) according to 2022 statistics from the India Society of Plastic Surgeons. Rhinoplasty costs can widely vary. The average fee referenced above is only part of the total cost – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses. ✅ Pay in Monthly Options 0% EMI Available ✅ Insurance ✅ Cashless ✅ Get 50% Low-Cost 

Nose Injuries | Nasal Fracture

Injuries nose outline

A broken nose is a crack or break in the bony part of the nose.

Causes of a nose Fracture

The causes of a broken nose are related to trauma to the nose or face.
 Broken Nose Hyderabad | Nose Injuries Hyderabad | Nasal Fracture Hyderabad

Lowest cost (approx) 15,000

Highest cost (approx) 85,000

Benefits of Nasal Fracture Surgery


Signs and symptoms of a broken nose:


How long does Rhinoplasty Surgery Take?

The Rhinoplasty (Nose reshaping costoperation can taken about 1 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity of the operation. Recovery lasts up to 4 weeks after 1 to 3 days at the Hospital after surgery.

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Nasal bone and cartilage

Broad Nose surgery in Hyderabad, Rhinoplasty Broad surgery cost in Hyderabad
The nose is considered as a yin spot because it signifies one of the rivers of our face. The bridge of our nose represents health whereas the tip represents wealth. For women, their nose can indicate her husband’s ability to make money.
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Crooked Nose Correction in Hyderabad, Crooked Nose Correction
The twisted nose is an asymmetrical nose, usually characterized by a deviation of the upper third of the bones and / or the lower two thirds of the cartilaginous Rhinoplasty. The deflection is often sinusoidal and the tip may be in the median line or not (deformation of the S-shaped twisted nose)
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Open Rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad, Open Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad
Open Rhinoplasty is a technique that uses the columella as an access point to open the skin. Closed nose is when the nose correction is performed by cuts in the nose. This is also called endonasal approach.
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Closed Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad, Closed Rhinoplasty
During a Closed Rhinoplasty Surgery, the incisions are hidden inside a patient’s nose. A closed nose involves modifications performed inside the nostrils. As such, a closed nose is generally recommended for nose patients who require nasal bridge modifications.
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Small Nose Correction in Hyderabad, Small Nose Correction surgery cost in Hyderabad
Small Nose. People with a small nose are thought to be easily offended. This means that they often come across as being reserved. … It is eminent and common that people with such a nose type have the tendency of accumulating material wealth and possessions. In some cases, the Rhinoplasty may appear to be tiny.
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Nasal Hump Correction in Hyderabad, Nasal Hump Correction
Sometimes described as hooked or Roman, a nose with a pronounced bump on the bridge can distract from other facial features. For those with prominent bumps, the reduction or excision of the bump – or dorsal nasal hump – is an integral part of the nose Surgery.
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Deviating Nose septum in Hyderabad, Deviating Nose septum surgery in Hyderabad
A nose injury is a common cause of septum deviation. In many cases, there may be no symptoms. When symptoms occur, they include congested nostrils, nosebleeds, and noisy breathing during sleep.
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Depressed Nose in Hyderabad, Depressed Nose
A severely depressed nasal dorsum is usually secondary to trauma or infection. In children it may also be caused by a multitude of genetic Nose Injuries surgery in Hyderabad
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Wide Nasal surgery in Hyderabad, Wide Nasal surgery in Hyderabad
The nose is considered as a yin spot because it signifies one of the rivers of our face. The bridge of our nose represents health whereas the tip represents wealth. For women, their nose can indicate her husband’s ability to make money.
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Teenage Rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad
The septum is the wall of bone and cartilage that divides your nose into two separate nostrils. Septoplasty is a surgical Surgery to correct a deviated septum. Septoplasty straightens the septum, allowing for better airflow through your nose. Nose Injuries surgery in Hyderabad
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Male Rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad, Male Rhinoplasty
While the preferred female nose is often small and delicate with a slight slope, the male nose should be well defined and strong. Instead of having a slope, they should be straight. Some men even prefer a slight bump, as it gives the nose a masculine appeal.
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Female Rhinoplasty Correction surgery in Hyderabad
The ideal female nose is generally shorter and smaller, with a slightly curved bridge of the nose and an upturned tip of the nose. It is important to note, however, that there is no such thing as a “perfect” nose shape for female patients, as the ideal nose for each person should be in proportion to the proportions of their face.
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Non-Surgical Nose Job in Hyderabad
Non-surgical nose has recently become a very popular and fashionable form of facial modification. Unlike nasal surgery, this Surgerys use nasal fillers and non-surgical fillers to make minor adjustments and changes to the shape and general appearance of the nose. 
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A cleft occurs when certain body parts and structures do not fuse together during fetal development. Clefts can involve the lip and/or the roof of the mouth (palate).

Opinions vary as to the actual frequency of columns, but most experts agree that it depends in part on ethnicity. Some experts say the highest incidence of divisions is found among Asians (about 1 in 500 births). Caucasians have an average incidence of 1 in 700 births, and people of African descent have the lowest incidence of about 1 in 1,200 births. Nose Injuries surgery in Hyderabad
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Cleft Surgery


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Internal dressing to be removed after 6 days

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Broken Nose Surgery in Hyderabad


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