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What is the cost of Cystoscopy

In India, the cost ranges from (Cost of Cystoscopy Treatment cost in Jagtial ✅ Rs 5,000+ to Rs 50,000+ depending on the technology used, and other miscellaneous expenses. ✅ Pay in Monthly Option Available and ✅ Insurance

imitations Apart from normal risks associated with cosmetic surgery during recovery you may witness In most cases, correction of Treatment is May be eligible for insurance coverage but various finance agencies provide easy (Available EMI – Zero EMI PAY MONTHLY)facility as well. the average cost of Treatment

Kidney Stones Treatment Options

You Need Cystoscopy, But That’s Nothing

Cystoscopy is examination of the inside of the bladder and urethra, using a fine telescope passed through the urethra.

Flexible Cystoscopy is carried out using a fine, flexible, fibre-optic telescope under local anesthetic. This is often performed in the office setting or as an outpatient.

Rigid cystoscopy is carried out under general anesthesia. This is often performed in the hospital or as an inpatient.

Cystoscopy is a minor Surgery. It causes only minor discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is this necessary?
It is necessary to see if there is any physical cause in the bladder or urethra, to account for your urinary symptoms.

2. What should I do to prepare for this?
No preparation is required for flexible cystoscopy. You can eat and drink as normal and attend the appointment. However if you are having a rigid cystoscopy, you will need to fast for 6 hours. You should be able to go home by yourself after flexible cystoscopy, but you cannot drive for 6 hours. After rigid cystoscopy under general anesthesia, you need escort home if you are leaving on the same day and you must not drive within 24 hours of the general anesthesia. If a bladder biopsy is likely, you should check with your doctor whether you need to stop aspirin or other blood thinners a few days prior to the biopsy.

3. What is involved in the actual process of flexible cystoscopy?
As you are awake throughout the Surgery, your doctor may give you a running commentary while he gets you prepared. The genital area is cleaned with a mild antiseptic and the area covered with a sterile sheet. Then a local anesthetic gel is put into the urethra. The gel comes in a tube and is squeezed into the urethra. There may be slight stinging as it starts to work. When the instrument reaches the sphincter inside the urethra, you will be asked to do the action of voiding or cough, to relax the sphincter. There may be a brief moment of discomfort as the telescope passes through.

When your doctor examines the bladder, he fills your bladder with saline and you may feel that you want to pass urine. By the end of the Surgery which only takens a few minutes, you may feel the fullness and need to pass water again.

4. Will I feel any discomfort after the Surgery?
You may feel minor Painless in your urethra on passing urine. You may also see traces of blood in the urine. These symptoms should not last longer than 24 hours. Drinking more water helps a lot. Occasionally, infection (called cystitis) may occur and give you more Painless, frequency, and urgency than expected. Fever may also occur, rarely. Should you suspect that infection is present, contact your doctor. He will need to prescribe antibiotics to fix this.

Surviving Medical Testing – Cystoscopy and Catheters


Allopathic medicine is most useful for emergency Surgerys, surgery and diagnosis. I’d like to give you some tips and strategies for dealing with the side effects of diagnostic medical testing. Let’s talk about cystoscopy and catherization.

A cystoscope is a medical instrument used to examine the lining of the bladder and urethra. The examination is generally done using a topical anesthetic to numb the lining of the urethra. But there is often some residual frequency, burning and mild bleeding that should only last 12-24 hours.

This is a tube that is threaded up through your urethra into your bladder. Yes, I know, I’m wincing too. It’s not a pleasant thought at all. And usually it’s not preceded by an anesthetic. But there are things you can do to make is more comfortable.

1. During the Surgery practice deep breathing, imagine your urethra as a big hollow tube that’s relaxed and protected by Teflon that nothing can irritate.

2. Drink 10 cups of fluids a day. Make sure at least half of it is cranberry tea. Cranberries have a special ingredient that prevents bacteria from adhering to the bladder or urethra. The burning and mild bleeding with a cystoscopy means that the urethra is being irritated and could be susceptible to being attacked by bacteria. Medically, antibiotics are prescribed to try and prevent infection. However, many people are turning to cranberry tea as alternative and their doctors are agreeing.

One of the best cranberry teas is made by Traditional Medicinals The advantage of tea over juice is that it doesn’t contain sugar and you can drink it all day long. The prescription is to drink 5 cups of tea three days before and three days after each cystoscopy. If you have a catheter, you can drink 2-3 cups of cranberry tea every day.

Think about what else you are drinking and make sure it’s not acidic, which would make your irritated urethra sting. Even though orange juice seems to change from acidic to alkaline by the time it reaches the bladder, some people find it too acidic to drink after a cystoscopy. Avoid alcohol as well. If it doubt about what to drink, just stick with water and cranberry tea. And for pete’s sakes don’t become dehydrated. Concentrated urine can really sting.

3. Take magnesium. Magnesium is an antispasmodic. It will relax muscles irritated by the cystoscopy and it will relax muscles clamped around your catheter. Natural Calm magnesium powder in water is a convenient way to taken it. Follow the dosage on the label.


Duration of Pilonidal Sinus surgery

The Safe Procedure Comprises

FeaturesLaser SurgeryOpen Surgery
Risk of Infection Very Less High
Diet Restrictions No Yes
Cuts and wounds No Yes
Recovery Fast Time Taking
Success Rate High Low
Invasive Minimum Large
Pain Painless Painful
Bleeding due to Cuts and Stitches Very Less More Bleeding
Recurrence No Yes
Rest After Surgery Can Resume Work 1-2 Month Rest
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