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What is the Cost of Facial Implants Treatment?

In India the Brow Lift cost ranges from Rs 5,000 to Rs 45,000 depending on the amount of fat to be removed, sculpting needed, the technology used, and other miscellaneous expenses. In most cases, correction of Lipoma is May be eligible for insurance coverage but various finance agencies provide easy (Avaliable EMI – Zero EMI PAY MONTHLY ) facility as well.

Facial Implants

Facial Implants – Cost

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Facial Implant Information

Facial Implant is the medical terminology for what most people refer to as facial cheek implant, facial prosthetic implant, facial implant surgery, and facial implants.

In this Surgery the goal is to correct and change the shape and balance of the face using formed implants to build up a diminishing chin, add distinction to cheekbones, or reshape the jaw line.

Length and detail of the Facial Implant Surgery

The length of operation typically runs 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Patients are usually given a general or local anesthesia, with sedation.

Most Facial Implants Surgerys are routinely outpatient with some cases requiring an overnight hospital stay.

Risks and/or complications related to a Facial Implant Surgery

In a Facial Implant surgery the patient may experience potential side effects consisting of temporary discomfort, swelling, bruising, numbness and/or stiffness in the lower facial areas. If the Surgery includes surgery to the jaw, a patient may experience the inability to open fully open their mouth for several weeks.

In addition there are other associated risks with this Surgery that include the risk of shifting or inexact positioning of implant, infection, excess tightening and hardening of scar tissue in the region of the formed implant.

Patients may return to work in approximately 1 week. Those involved in sports or other physical activities should avoid activity that could jar or bump face. Individuals will be able to resume this activities in approximately 6 weeks or more.
Long-term results of a Facial Implant Surgery

In this Surgery the end results are usually permanent.

How much does a Facial Implant Surgery cost?

The national average for cheek implants is approximately $2,300

Will my insurance cover a Facial Implant Surgery?

Because a Facial Implant Surgery is considered an elective Surgery, insurance usually will not cover the operation. However in some cases such as reconstructive surgery it may be medically necessary, your health care insurance may be able to cover the costs.

Understanding the Ins and Outs of Facial Implants

Sometimes, making a change to one’s appearance requires the kind of Surgery that actually alters appearance long-term. While there are plenty of different Surgerys that make it possible to enjoy less wrinkles or a more youthful facial appearance, many of them require repeat visits to the plastic surgeon for touch-ups, considering that the techniques in question are designed for a temporary boost, rather than a long-term change. This means that anyone who is interested in a more substantial shift in appearance needs to consider different methods, including facial implants, which are able to shift the appearance of the face without requiring subsequent visits for further surgery or injections.

Whether living in LA or San Jose, Facial Implants are often used for those who need to make a more radical shift to appearance. At the same time, facial implants are becoming Surgerys that are more commonly outpatient, meaning that those who are undergoing surgery are capable of going home and resting the very same day. Most patients who decide on one of the different types of facial implants will opt for some sort of local anesthetic, and it is also possible to be put completely under for the Surgery, a better choice for those who might be feeling a bit more anxious. Because recovery time is relatively quick and can be done at home, rather than overnight in the hospital, facial implants are the kind of big change that won’t taken a gigantic chunk of time away from regular day-to-day activities.

A few different types of facial implants exist, though all of them can change the way that facial counters work, correct any lack of symmetry that might be bothering a patient, or even allow in assistance for previous troubles that might be the result of a medical condition or scarring or movement from an injury or accident. For those who have been in accidents where jaws may have been broken or otherwise shifted, a lower jaw implant is often used to change the shape of the jaw back to where it should be, with minimal invasion on the part of surgical devices. Placing the implant does not require a large incision, and there is no follow-up removal of anything, making it a popular choice for surgery.

Other types of facial implants include cheek and chin implants, which involves the placement of the implant to change the shape of the cheeks or the chin. These are also outpatient Surgerys that do not require a rapid recovery time, though it is important to treat new implants with the utmost care, making sure to not jostle them or cause any kind of shifting that might render their placement less than ideal. There are also a few different types of materials that are used when making facial implants, meaning that it is important to speak with a plastic surgeon to figure out which might be the best choice for your own body and the appearance that you’re looking for with your implant of choice.

What Materials Are Used For Facial Implants

While many types of implant materials have been tried for use in the face, only a limited few have enjoyed a history of good Hospitalal success. Today’s facial implants are composed of the synthetic polymers dimethysiloxane (silicone), polyethylene (Medpor), polytetrafluoroethylene (Gore-tex), and polyester (mersilene).

The use of solid silicone rubber (solid, not liquid silicone) have been used as facial implants material for nearly four decades. Silicone implants are by far the most type that are used in the face. Silicone is a essentially a form of plastic created from interlinking silicon and oxygen into a compound known as dimethylsiloxane (SiO(CH3)2) . Its chemical advantage is that it is very resistant to breaking down to the very strong and stable silicon-oxygen bonds. When converted into a polymer and vulcanized, a solid silicone rubber which is elastic and very flexible is formed. When shaped into a facial implant, it has the advantages of ease of placement through small incisions due to its flexibility, can be easily cut and shaped if necessary during surgery, and are of low cost.

Like the material used in coats and shoes, Gore-Tex has been used as a facial implant since 1994. It has been used as more traditional shaped implants for the cheeks and chin as well as soft tubes to be used right under the skin as a soft tissue filler. Gore-Tex is really polytetrafluoroethylene, a fluorocarbon which has a carbon ethylene backbone to which is attached four fluorine molecules (PTFE). The bonding of highly reactive fluorine to carbon creates an extremely stable biomaterial which the body can not break down due to the lack of any known human enzyme to disrupt the fluorine-carbon bonds. The material is extremely flexible and is easily cut and shaped. The fabrication of Gore-Tex results in small interconnected pores on its surface and throughout the material which may allow for some tissue ingrowth. The advantage of tissue ingrowth is probably more theoretical than of any practical significance.

Medpor, known chemically as polyethylene (PE) has been used in the face for over a decade. It is different than Gore-Tex (PTFE) as it has no fluorine molecules in it. The chemical structure may be simple but it has a very firm consistency that makes it the hardest facial implant used. It comes in different facial shapes and sizes and, although it can be shaped, it is not easy. The material does have small channels through it which allows for tissue ingrowth into it. That makes it harder to remove if necessary due to the sticky scar.

Mersilene is a knitted plastic mesh material most commonly used to fix abdominal hernias. It has been historically used in facial surgery where it has been used as a chin implant. The mesh material is rolled onto itself, shaped, and then sewn together to create the implant. Because the implant is a mesh, it has lots of holes in it for tissue ingrowth. The few surgeons who use mersilene do it because they like to fashion their own implants and can do so at a lower cost than buying other off-the-shelf implants.

An Overview of Facial Implants

If you want to improve your appearance, you have a variety of methods at your disposal. For wrinkles, you can get a face-lift or facial injections. For age spots, there’s microdermabrasion and chemical peels. For hyperpigmented areas, such as birthmarks, laser treatments can help. However, once you have gotten your wrinkles plumped up and your dark spots lightened, what about the structure of the face itself? Thankfully, for those of us who are unsatisfied with our bone structure, there are now facial implants to help boost our self-confidence.

If you have ever wished for higher cheekbones, a stronger chin, a squarer jaw, or a differently shaped nose, facial implants could be for you. Undergoing an implant Surgery could also help you to make your face more symmetrical, which is traditionally considered more beautiful than an uneven face. Once you feel more beautiful, you can have higher self-esteem and become much more comfortable with yourself.

There are many different materials that can be used for facial implants, including:

Polytetrafluoroethylene – abbreviated PTFE and ePTFE, this type of porous implant that allows your body to grow into it. It is often used with chin, cheek, lip, and deep wrinkles.

Polyethylene – this implant is widely used in reconstructive plastic surgery for the chin, cheek, and jaw line. It, too, is porous, allowing your body’s network to spread into it and hold it in place.

Hydroxyapetite – actually made from sea coral, this implant mimics the bones of our body. It is porous and allows ingrowth where it is used, typically the chin, browbone, cheek, jaw, and nose.

Silicon – unlike breast implants, there have not been any complaints about silicon facial implants leaking. They are solid and great for the chin, cheeks, nose, and jawline.

Implant surgery is fairly easy. Although the client is usually put under twilight anesthesia, the person can recover quickly-like in a matter of days. Also, as the person who performs the implantation should be a board-certified plastic surgeon, you can expect them to hide the scars from the surgery.

Also, many people Options to combine their implant surgery with other techniques to provide a whole overall appearance boost. For instance, should you Options to get jaw implants, you might also want a neck lift at the same time to show off your enhanced jawline. Or, if you are getting higher cheekbones, you might want to consider injecting wrinkle-fillers into your crow’s feet so that they will not crease over your reshaped face

City NameAverage Price or CostMinimum Price or CostMaximum Price or Cost
NCR (Delhi)Rs. 10,000Rs. 2,000Rs. 20,000
KolkataRs. 12,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 25,000
MumbaiRs. 15,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 30,000
HyderabadRs. 9,000Rs. 1,500Rs. 20,000
PuneRs. 12,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 25,000
BangaloreRs. 10,000Rs. 2,500Rs. 22,000
VisakhapatnamRs. 8,500Rs. 1,200Rs. 18,000
KochiRs.7,500Rs. 1,300Rs. 15,000

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