Hair Transplant – Cost 

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant?

In India the Hair Transplant ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 45,000 depending on the amount of fat to be removed, sculpting needed, the technology used, and other miscellaneous expenses. In most cases, correction of Lipoma is May be eligible for insurance coverage but various finance agencies provide easy (Available EMI – Zero EMI PAY MONTHLY ) facility as well.

City Name            Average Price or Cost       Minimum         Price or Cost    Maximum Price or Cost

NCR (Delhi)          Rs. 10,000             Rs. 2,000       Rs. 20,000
Kolkata                Rs.  12,000             Rs. 2,500    Rs. 25,000
Mumbai                Rs. 15,000              Rs. 3,000    Rs. 30,000
Hyderabad            Rs. 9,000               Rs. 1,500    Rs. 20,000
Pune                    Rs. 12,000             Rs. 2,500    Rs. 25,000
Bangalore             Rs. 10,000             Rs. 2,500    Rs. 22,000
Visakhapatnam     Rs. 8,500               Rs. 1,200    Rs. 18,000
Kochi                   Rs.7,500                 Rs. 1,300    Rs. 15,000

Hair Transplant: Top 10 Useful Tips

What is Hair Transplant Surgery?

Hair transplantation may be a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from one a part of the body, called the ‘donor site’, to a bald or balding a part of the body referred to as the ‘recipient site’. The technique is primarily wont to treat male pattern baldness.


The price of a hair transplant will depend largely on the quantity of hair you’re moving, but it generally ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. Most insurance plans don’t cover it.


  1. Bleeding.
  2. Infection.
  3. Swelling of the scalp.
  4. Bruising round the eyes.

A crust that forms on the areas of the scalp where hair was removed or implanted.
Numbness or lack of sensation on the treated areas of the scalp.

Inflammation or infection of the hair follicles, which is understood as folliculitis.

Today most of the people are facing acute hair loss problem. The most important cause related to hair loss is genetics and the only treatment is permanent transplant surgery. However, before going for a permanent transplant one should consider this tips.

Learn about today’s best transplantation Surgery: Before going for hair transplantation do a research by yourself.

1) You must know about modern hair transplantation Surgerys like ultra refined grafting, ultra refined follicular unit grafting, micrograft transplant and follicular unit transplantation.

2) Consult with patients: You should discuss with other patients about the Surgery of transplantation, merits and demerits of any selected Surgery and reputation of the Hospital. For this propose you can even use Internet.

3) Choose a surgeon carefully: talent, skill and experience of hair transplant surgeons vary and this get reflected in their works. So Options a surgeon very carefully.

4) Cost of hair transplant Surgery: Hair transplant cost depends upon the amount of micrograft transplantation and this differs from centers to centers. If you look for a sophisticated one with fewer invasions, better results and in less time, you might have to pay more. If you are on a tight budget you should opt for an affordable hair transplant.

5) Frontal hair transplants: Today most of the people face frontal hair loss problem. A surgical intervention known as frontal hair transplants can help you overcome this.

6) Be cautious of fake hair growth products: Be aware of hair growth product like “snake oils,” as this are not certified by FDA and have no significant contribution to hair growth.

7) Post surgical care: Post surgical care includes vitamin supplements, minerals, balanced diet and volumizing shampoos.

8) Don’t divert your mind on myths: Mal nutrition, allergy, or tensions are not among the cause of hair loss. These are just myths. Just go for a permanent hair transplant if you are facing hair loss problem.

9) Tulsa hair transplant center is among the best hair transplant centers. You should consult their surgeons for permanent hair transplant. You can even contact online.

10) Try to know about follicle isolation technique of permanent hair transplant. It leaves no scar on scalp. If it suits your pocket, it is among the best permanent hair transplant methods.

Hair Transplant Procedures & Costs

Hair loss due to androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness is a condition that affects both men and women. Surgical hair transplantation is the only solution for restoring the lost hair in pattern baldness when medical hair restoration does not offer you a good hair re-growth.

If you have well-defined and clearly established areas or patterns of baldness on the crown with healthy dense coverage of hair at the sides and the back of the head, you are probably suitable for a hair transplant surgery. Hair that is transplanted in the frontal region of the skull generally offers the best results. However, a hair transplant Surgery can also be carried out on any other area of your head if you have some bald patch there.

It is best to have detailed information about the hair transplant Surgery before you make plans to undergo a surgery. It is only after you have read through all the information that you can understand and appreciate the significance of surgical hair restoration. The information will also help you decider whether you are the right candidate for the hair transplant surgery.

Now that you are well informed, you would probably think whether the hair transplantation is at all affordable? Hair transplant cost varies depending upon your past medical history, the degree and extent of your hair loss, possibility of medical hair restoration as an adjunct for surgical hair restoration, number of sessions that would will be required for hair transplant surgery, etc. It is after placing due considerations to this factors that your hair restoration surgeon will be able to chalk out an affordable hair transplant treatment plan for you.

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