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What is MOHS Surgery?

Mohs surgery may be a precise surgical technique wont to treat carcinoma . During Mohs surgery, thin layers of cancer-containing skin are progressively removed and examined until only cancer-Cashless tissue remains. Mohs surgery is additionally referred to as Mohs micrographic surgery


Mohs surgery is an improvement to plain surgery (local excision), which involves removing the visible cancer and a little margin of surrounding healthy tissue all directly . Mohs surgery allows surgeons to verify that each one cancer cells are removed at the time of surgery. This increases the prospect of a cure and reductions the necessity for extra treatments or additional surgery.


Temporary or permanent numbness surrounding the surgical area, if small nerve endings are cut. Temporary or permanent weakness of the surgical area, if the tumor is large and a muscle nerve is severed. Itching or shooting Painless within the affected area. An enlarged scar


It is considered the foremost effective treatment for 2 of the foremost common sorts of skin cancer: basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and epithelial cell carcinoma (SCC). It also can wont to treat other forms of skin cancers.

Mohs Warangal

Treatment Cost in Hyderabad

Clinics and Hospitals offering ‘Mohs Treatment’ :

Mohs Treatment by Kaya Skin Clinic
Address: Pavani Estates 3-6-365/ C/ Ug/ 1, Himayath Nagar Main Road, Himayat Nagar
Estimation: Laser – Depends on Size of the Mole Cost: 5000.00

Mohs Treatment by Kosmoderma Skin and Hair Clinics (Hyderabad)

Address: Plot No 12, C/o Mother Hood, Banjara Hills
Estimation: Laser Per Mole Cost: 5000.00 Mohs surgery in Hyderabad

Mohs Treatment by Oliva Advanced Hair And Skin Clinic (Banjara Hills)

Address: 2nd Floor, Uptown Banjara Q Mart Building, Road No 3, Banjara Hills
Estimation: Laser – Depends on Size of the Mole Cost: 2000.00

Mohs Treatment by Kiran Advanced Skin Hair and Laser Clinic

Address: Plot Number 309, First Floor, Opp. Vivekananda Nagar Colony Bus Stop, Main Road, Vivekananda Nagar Colony
Estimation: Laser – Depends on Size of the Mole Cost: 1500.00


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