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Experience the fusion of beauty, science, and care at  Padmaja Cosmetics Hospital, led by Hyderabad’s Best Dermatologist


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Experience the fusion of beauty, science, and care at A Padmaja Cosmetics Hospital, led by Hyderabad’s best dermatologist

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Most skincare products are 100% safe.

The law does not require cosmetic products and ingredients, except for color additives, to be approved by FDA before they go on the market. However, cosmetics must not be adulterated or misbranded.

Check the EWG’s Skin Deep database for safety profiles and ratings of personal care products. More long-term research is needed to determine whether the use of certain personal care products has a link to cancer.

The FDA approves new human drugs and biological products.

This means that a company must demonstrate that its drug or biological product is safe and effective for the intended use, and that it can manufacture the product to federal quality standards.


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The Department of Dermatology specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders related to the skin, hair, and nails. We offer a wide range of services in medical, surgical, pediatric, and cosmetic dermatology. Our experienced group of professionals specialized in dermatology usually carry out dermatologic and cosmetic procedures such as chemical peels, biopsies, skin grafting, electrocautery, cryotherapy, derma rolling, and many more.

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