Peripheral nerve tumors Treatment in Hyderabad


Peripheral nerve tumors can occur anywhere in the body. Most of them are not cancerous (malignant) but can cause pain, nerve damage, and loss of function in the affected area.

Treatment for peripheral nerve tumors usually includes surgery to remove the tumor. Sometimes the tumor cannot be removed without damaging the healthy tissue and nearby nerves. In these cases, other treatments may be recommended.

Different types of peripheral nerve tumors occur. These tumors affect the nerves by growing inside them (intraneural tumors) or pressing against them (extraneural tumors).


Symptoms and signs of a peripheral nerve tumor arise from direct effects on the main nerve or from pressure the tumor exerts on nearby nerves, blood vessels, or tissues. As the tumor grows, it may be more likely to cause signs and symptoms, although the size of the tumor doesn’t always determine the effects. Peripheral nerve tumors Treatment in Nizamabad

The signs and symptoms of peripheral nerve tumors vary depending on the location of the tumors and the tissue affected. They include:

The reasons

Risk factors

Peripheral nerve tumors are more common in people who:

Neurofibromatosis (types 1 and 2) and schwannomatosis. In these diseases, tumors grow on or near nerves throughout the body. These tumors, often multiple, can cause a variety of symptoms and signs depending on their location. These tumors are usually not cancerous.
A history of radiation therapy. Years later, if you’ve been exposed to radiation, there’s an increased risk of peripheral nerve tumors. Peripheral nerve tumors Treatment in Nizamabad

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