Pleurisy Treatment in Hyderabad


A layer of the pleural layer wraps around the outside of the lungs. The other pleural layer marks the inner chest wall. Between these two layers there is a small space (pleural space) that is usually filled with a very small amount of fluid. Usually these layers act like two pieces of smooth satin sliding over each other, allowing your lungs to expand and contract as you inhale. Pleurisy Treatment in Nizamabad

When you have pleurisy, these tissues swell and become inflamed. As a result, the two layers of the pleural membrane rub against each other like two pieces of sandpaper, causing pain when you inhale and exhale. Pleuritic pain decreases or stops when you hold your breath. Pleurisy Treatment in Nizamabad


Signs and symptoms of pleurisy can include:

The reasons

A variety of underlying diseases can cause pleurisy. The causes are:

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