Seizure, grand mal treatment in hyderabad


\A grand mal seizure leads to unconsciousness and violent muscle contractions. These are the type of seizures that most people imagine when they think of seizures.

A grand mal seizure – also known as a generalized tonic-clonic seizure – is caused by abnormal electrical activity throughout the brain. Usually, a grand mal seizure is caused by epilepsy. But sometimes this type of seizure can be triggered by other health problems, such as: B. extremely low blood sugar, high fever or stroke. Seizure, grand mal treatment in Nizamabad


Grand mal seizures occur in two phases:

Tonic phase. Loss of consciousness occurs and the muscles suddenly contract and drop the person. This phase usually lasts about 10 to 20 seconds.
Clonic phase. The muscles enter into rhythmic contractions that alternately flex and relax. Seizures usually last a minute or two or less.

The reasons

Grand mal seizures occur when electrical activity becomes abnormally synchronized across the entire surface of the brain. Nerve cells in the brain normally communicate with each other by sending electrical and chemical signals across synapses that connect cells.

In people with seizures, the normal electrical activity of the brain is changed and many nerve cells are triggered at the same time. The exact cause of the changes is often unknown. Seizure, grand mal treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

Risk factors for grand mal seizures include:

A family history of seizure disorders
All brain damage due to trauma, stroke, previous infection, and other causes
sleep deprivation
Medical problems that affect the electrolyte balance
Use of Illicit Drugs


Sometimes a seizure can lead to dangerous circumstances for you or others. You could be at risk for:

Falling. If you fall during a seizure, you can injure your head or break a bone.
Drown. If you have a seizure while swimming or bathing, there is a risk of accidental drowning.
Car accidents. A seizure that leads to loss of consciousness or control can be dangerous while you are driving a car or using other devices. Seizure, grand mal treatment in Nizamabad

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