Somatic symptom disorder treatment in hyderabad


The somatic symptom disorder is characterized by an extreme focus on physical symptoms such as pain or fatigue, which lead to significant emotional distress and dysfunction. You may have another diagnosed medical condition associated with these symptoms, but your response to the symptoms is not normal.

You often think about the worst of your symptoms and see a doctor often. They keep looking for an explanation even after other serious conditions have been ruled out. Health problems can become so central to your life that it can be difficult to function, which sometimes leads to disability. Somatic symptom disorder treatment in Nizamabad


Symptoms of a somatic symptom disorder can include:

Specific sensations such as pain or shortness of breath, or more general symptoms such as tiredness or weakness
Not related to a medical cause that can be identified or linked to a disease such as cancer or heart disease, but more important than normally expected
Single symptom, multiple symptoms or different symptoms
Mild, medium or difficult

The reasons

The exact cause of the somatic symptom disorder is not clear, but one of these factors may play a role:

Genetic and biological factors such as increased sensitivity to pain
Family influence, which can be genetic, environmental, or both
Personality trait of negativity that can affect how you identify and view diseases and physical symptoms
Decreased awareness or problems processing emotions, which means that physical symptoms are the focus, not emotional problems
Learned behavior – for example, attention or other benefits resulting from an illness; or “painful behaviors” in response to symptoms, such as avoiding excessive activity, which may increase your degree of disability Somatic symptom disorder treatment in Nizamabad

Risk factors

Risk factors for a somatic symptom disorder include:


Somatic symptom disorder can be associated with:


Little is known about how to prevent somatic symptom disorders. However, these recommendations can be helpful.

If you have anxiety or depression problems, contact a professional as soon as possible.
Learn to recognize when you are stressed and how it affects your body – and practice stress management and relaxation techniques on a regular basis.
If you think you have a somatic symptom disorder, you should seek early treatment to prevent symptoms from getting worse and affecting your quality of life. Somatic symptom disorder treatment in Nizamabad

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