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Stapedectomy – The Ear Replacement

It sounds weird when one hears of the ear being replaced, though anything is possible with the advent of new technology. A layman can only understand the replacement of ear but medically, the jargon is stapedectomy which is a surgical Surgery.

The history of stapedectomy traces back to 1956 in US and the world’s first surgery is credited to Dr. John J. Shea Jr. 10% of the US population is affected by otosclerosis and pregnancy is a risk factor for onset or worsening of it. The stapedectomy surgery includes the removal of the innermost bones (stapes) of the ear, which would be replaced by a micro-prosthesis, while stapedotomy includes creating a small hole and inserting a tiny prosthesis.

Otosclerosis can cause progressive hearing loss due to the hardening of the spongy bone around the base of the stapes. This disease also affects the malleus, incus and the bone surrounding the inner ear which can disrupt its transmission of sound. Its severity can also result in total deafness in both ears. The objective of stapedectomy is the improvement of sound to the inner ear by fixing the stapes to the opening of the inner ear so that it can vibrate properly.

Otosclerosis can be diagnosed by its symptoms, hearing tests and family history. While some may experience gradual hearing loss, other symptoms may be tinnitus, dizziness or balance problems. The hearing tests by the audiologist or otologist determines whether the hearing loss is conductive (disorder in the ear canal or middle ear due to a lesion) or sensorineural (disorder of the inner ear). The distinction between this two is mainly made by Rinne’s test or Weber’s test. An x-ray of the head or a computed tomography (CT) scan may also be done.

Stapedectomy surgery should be avoided in case of cold as the risk of infection may spread from the upper respiratory tract to the ear. The surgery does not include any incisions on the outside of the body as the Surgery is performed through the ear canal. After the general anesthesia is administered, the surgeon uses an operating microscope to visualize the structures in detail and evaluate the ossicles (bones of hearing) to confirm the presence of otosclerosis.

The next step is opening the window that joins the middle ear to the inner ear and poses as a platform for the stapes bone. A tiny opening is made with a laser beam and the prosthesis is gently clipped to the incus bone. A tissue piece is takenn from a small incision behind the ear lobe which helps seal the opening and then the eardrum is gently repaired and replaced and is held by absorbable ointment or gelatin sponge. Those with fixed stapes from otosclerosis or a conductive hearing loss can benefit to the extent where a hearing aid can help them.

What is Stapedectomy?

A stapedectomy may be a surgery of the center ear performed so as to enhance hearing. If the stapes footplate is fixed in position, instead of being normally mobile, then a conductive deafness results. There are two major causes of stapes fixation.


A stapedectomy is ear surgery which will be done to treat deafness caused by a drag called otosclerosis. Otosclerosis causes a buildup of bone round the stapes (stirrup bone). The buildup of bone keeps the stapes from moving normally, leading to a kind of deafness called conductive deafness.


Dizziness and nausea: These symptoms are expected and quite common after surgery. …
Temporary taste change: you’ve got a taste nerve that runs under your eardrum. …
High-frequency loss of hearing: you will have improvement within the other frequencies which structure for this.


There are two major causes of stapes fixation. the primary may be a disease process of abnormal mineralization of the os temporale called otosclerosis. The second may be a congenital malformation of the stapes.

Home Treatments Stapedectomy

Clinics and Hospitals offering ‘Stapedectomy’ :
Stapedectomy by Sri Rama Ent Care Center
Address: Opp. Ravindra Bharathi School, Lane Beside SBH, Hanuman Nagar, Chaitanyapuri Main Rd, Millenium Residency, Krishna Nagar, Dilsukhnagar
Estimation: General room Cost: 25000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 35000.00 Stapedectomy surgery cost in Hyderabad

Stapedectomy by Mohd Majid Saleem
Address: 18-2-44/1, Chandryan, Gutta-258, Chandrayanagutta, Chandrayanagutta
Estimation: Private room – For Hernia Treatment Cost: 45000.00
Estimation: Deluxe Room Cost: 55000.00

Stapedectomy by Asian ENT Care Centre
Address: 1st floor, Above Red Rose Restaurant, Zore Complex, Panjagutta Main Road, Opposite Nims Hospital
Estimation: General room Cost: 45000.00
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 55000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 65000.00
Estimation: Deluxe Room Cost: 68000.00
Estimation: Super Deluxe Room Cost: 80000.00

Stapedectomy by Maa ENT Hospital
Address: 6-3-1092 / S1 and S2, 2nd Floor, Etv Building, Block-A, Shanti Sikhara Complex, Raj Bhavan Road
Estimation: General room Cost: 75000.00
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 80000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 85000.00
Estimation: Deluxe Room Cost: 90000.00
Estimation: Super Deluxe Room Cost: 100000.00

Stapedectomy by SMS ENT and Surgical Hospital
Address: Plot No 106, Skill Spectrum, Beside TTD Devasthanam, Liberty, Himayat Nagar Road
Estimation: General room Cost: 30000.00
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 35000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 40000.00

Stapedectomy by Dr K V K Sudhakar Clinic
Address: Shoppers Stop, Begumpet
Estimation: General room Cost: 40000.00
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 50000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 65000.00

Stapedectomy by Olive ENT Clinic
Address: N.G.O’s Colony, b-516, NGO Colony Rd, Sachivalaya Nagar, Vanasthalipuram
Estimation: General room Cost: 45000.00
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 55000.00

Stapedectomy by Raghavendra ENT Clinic
Address: 3-6-332, Beside Hanuman Temple, SBH Rd, Snehapuri Colony, Suvidha Arcade, RTC Colony, LB Nagar
Estimation: General room Cost: 34000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 40000.00

Stapedectomy by JK ENT Clinic
Address: 1st Floor Above Apollo pharmacy, Secretariat Colony, KPR Colony
Estimation: General room Cost: 60000.00
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 65000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 75000.00

Stapedectomy by E.N.T Clinic-Champapet
Address: Sagar Road X Roads Opp D Mart., Champapet, Hyderabad, Telangana
Estimation: General room Cost: 50000.00

Stapedectomy by Aruns ENT Clinic
Address: 8-3-23A/1/81, Opp RR Tiffins, Indiranagar Main Road, Yousufguda, Hyderabad Telangana
Estimation: Semi Private room Cost: 80000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 100000.00

Stapedectomy by Dr. Sai Kumar – ENT Specialist
Address: Vijaya Estates, Ground Floor, Lane Beside Big Byte Bakery, Srinagar Colony
Estimation: General room Cost: 40000.00
Estimation: Private Room Cost: 55000.00 Stapedectomy surgery cost in Hyderabad


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