Vaginal agenesis Treatment in Hyderabad


Vaginal agenesis (a-JEN-uh-sis) is a rare condition that occurs when the vagina does not develop and the uterus (uterus) develops only partially or not at all. This condition occurs before birth and can also be associated with kidney, heart, or skeletal abnormalities. Vaginal agenesis Treatment in Nizamabad

The condition is also known as Mullerian Aplasia or Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome (MRKH). Both surgical and non-surgical treatments are available.


Signs and symptoms of vaginal agenesis often go unnoticed until girls reach puberty but have no periods (amenorrhea). Some women experience monthly cramps or abdominal pain. Vaginal agenesis Treatment in Nizamabad

The reasons

It is not known what causes vaginal agenesis. Scientists believe that the tubes mentioned in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy will no longer develop properly at some point during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Usually one of these ducts develops in the uterus and vagina and the other in the fallopian tubes.


Before treatment, vaginal agenesis may affect your sexual relationships.

After treatment, you should have a normal and satisfactory sex life. However, if your uterus is also affected, you cannot get pregnant on your own. Vaginal agenesis Treatment in Nizamabad

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